Let us take the PEACE to the "opposite shore"!

The recognition and regret of disease and death is the first step towards recovery and Life.

The smallest are also responsible for the sins of Mankind. The small have the same anger, hatred and vindictiveness like the "great", though theirs involve huge disasters. We are not willing to blame. The way towards Peace can be reached by everyone's recognition of one's own responsibility and humble turning towards the others. If we make a start in this, perhaps those others will continue, who can practically act for ending the war.

Let us meet in the evening of Pals Sunday, 2nd April, 2023,

The coming from the Buda side meet on the sideway in front of the Embassy of Ukraine 1125 Budapest, 84/b Istenhegyi út at 18.30, those coming from, the Pest side meet on the sidewalk in front of the Embassy of Russia 1062 Budapest Andrássy útr 101) at 19.00.

We shall remember in silence those who have died and suffer as victims of the war, and recite the St. Francis' prayer for Peace. Then we start together towards Franciscans' Square (Ferenciek tere) with lit candles in hand. On Franciscans' Square, at 8.00 in the evening we shall be met by Evangelical Bishop Tamás Fabinyi and Franciscan monk Father Kázmér, and our actor friend will recite Mihály Babits' poem Before Easter, and finally we shall recite Penitential Psalm 50 (in Protestant Bible it is the Psalm 51I.


Noémi, Tamás and Péter


Let's think of those who died and suffered in the war